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Results are in: It’s official with primary election

Madera County Clerk Rebecca Martinez’s office made the results of the June 7 Primary election official earlier this week.

There were 24,810 ballots cast of 71.961 registered voters for a 34 percent voter turnout.

Kathy Rigby kept her huge lead for Judge of the Superior Court, Office 1. She won the election over Alaina Ybarra by doubling her vote total (15,517-7,057). Rigby received 68.74 percent of the vote.

In what was a tight County Assessor race early turned into a win by more than 1,600 votes for Madera County Supervisor Brett Frazier. He received 11,866 votes as opposed to 10,230 for Jorge Torres (53.7-46.3 percent).

Tyson Pogue earned more than four times as many votes as his opponent Ruben Mendoza (18,481-4,259) in the Sheriff-Coroner race. Pogue earned 81 percent of the vote.

Incumbent David Rogers will not have to go to a run-off election in November for County Supervisor, District 2. He received 53 percent of the votes to win the election.

Michele Stephens made a late run for the Madera County District 1 seat, but couldn’t garner the votes needed to get into the run-off election.

Jordan Wamhoff won the primary election by just 16 votes over Andy Wheeler (1,661-1,645), but both will head to a run-off election in November.

Same goes for District 5 with Bobby Macauley and Mark Reed heading to a November run-off. Macaulay led Reed by almost 200 votes, but both earned about 40 percent of the vote.

There were several other offices that were elected while running unopposed. Those were Cecilia Massetti for County Superintendent of Schools, David Richstone for Auditor-Controller, Martinez for Clerk-Recorder, Tracy Kennedy for Tax Collector-Treasurer and Sally Orme Moreno for District Attorney.


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