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Referendum to repeal raises of supervisors

Upon hearing of the large salary increases the Madera County Board of Supervisors voted for themselves to receive last December, a group of concerned citizens of Madera and Madera County have made some observations about the disparity of the salaries.

The group compared to the salaries of other California Counties. Because Madera County has a low per capita income, and high poverty rate, the approved new salaries are perceived by many citizens to be exorbitant.

Local Madera County residents have launched a Referendum against the Madera Board of Supervisors’ salary increase ordinance that was passed during the week before Christmas. It is scheduled to take effect on February 18. By the end of the first week in February, the petition needs 4,200 signatures in order to stop the pay increases for the Supervisors on the board.

This Referendum is a non-partisan effort to halt the increases for County positions that are considered part-time. The pay raise for a supervisor with six or more years of elected service will increase from $97,367 per year to $127,000. For those supervisors who have fewer than six years on the Board, the Salary will raise from $92,370 to $115,587.

Citizens concerned about the salary increase, email for information, or visit  Sierra Citizens for Sensible Government on Facebook for updates on petition locations and signing events.

Also, petitions will be set up at a table in front of the Madera Post Office each weekday from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. until the February 9 deadline.

The Madera Tribune will provide more information and updates in the Saturday edition.


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