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Public health department launches vaccine incentive program

The Madera County Department of Public Health is introducing a new incentive program funded by CalViva Health that rewards Madera County residents for getting vaccinated against COVID-19. By referring a friend to get vaccinated, both the referrer and the newly vaccinated friend will be given a $25 gift card, while supplies last.

To participate, one must first sign up for the program by visiting MCDPH’s vaccine page,, where they will be given a unique 4-digit code. This code can be shared with family and friends who aren’t yet vaccinated. Those who do not have an email or internet access that wish to participate, may call 311 to receive a referral code.

The person who was referred must provide the 4-digit code at the time of their first dose appointment. Following the visit, both parties will receive their gift card within one week. There is no limit on the number of individuals a person may refer.

“Many people have been waiting to get vaccinated to see how family and friends respond to the vaccine. Our ‘Refer-a-Friend’ program will encourage those vaccinated to talk about their experience with people close to them and ultimately, increase our community immunity,” said Madera County Public Health Director Sara Bosse.

Currently in Madera County, 47.9 percent of eligible residents are vaccinated. View participating clinics and find more information at the MCDPH COVID-19 vaccine website.

Delta variant

Madera County has received report of 12 Delta variant COVID-19 cases as of July 2.

All 12 cases were not vaccinated at the time of the COVID-19 infection. The Delta variant is more transmissible and can move quickly through an area. In fact, recent identified source of transmission of the Delta variant was associated to large social gathering at the beginning of June.

As a reminder, COVID-19 is not gone. It is still important to focus on protecting yourself and others as best you can. Getting vaccinated is one of the most effective ways to do this. Estimates show the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines may be up to 88 percent effective against the Delta variant and vaccines help slow the spread of the virus, reducing the chance for more mutations.

Vaccination coverage in Madera County is still below 50 percent. This means individuals are still vulnerable from getting COVID-19, especially during gatherings among individuals that have not been fully vaccinated.

It is also important to wear masks appropriately. Even those who are fully vaccinated can continue to mask in situations with higher risks such as indoors and/or in large crowds. Washing your hands, giving others distance, and getting tested are also ways to slow the spread. If you are feeling sick at all, it is important to self-isolate at home, rest, hydrate, and schedule a COVID-19 test.


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