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Opinion: Looking towards the New Year

I hope dear and faithful readers you are having or maybe had a very Merry Christmas, or whichever winter holiday you celebrate. It’s not hard to figure out why the political correctness police want us to say happy holidays. It’s much less cumbersome flowing across the mouth. Still, I find it annoying, so I will continue to sprinkle Merry Christmas every wherever I go.

As we look to close out the year 2020, let’s all be thankful we survived the year as many of those we loved didn’t. We have lost too many outstanding people this year.

The one that hit me the hardest was when my dear friend Chris Pistoresi passed from this realm to the next last Wednesday. He was such a dear person and will be missed by many. The many times I have visited his home, he was a gracious host. His wife Pam, their sons Joe and Keith, and his brother Mike and wife Renee are doing their best to cope with the huge vacuum his passing has left. And things seem to hurt more during the holidays. RIP, Dear One, and we’ll meet you at the great MOPAR Meet in the sky! Save us a space!

So we are faced with another holiday weekend. The COVID-19 pandemic is making travel and even gatherings ill-advised! I’m curious what Times Square will look like on Dec. 31, when they drop the ball bringing in the year 2021.

The cartoons of the old year man and Baby New Year should both be wearing masks and social distancing themselves at the very least. Getting used to this new normal will take some time. While reading advice columns, it appears to me there are still people out there who believe the whole thing is a hoax, made-up by the left to make POTUS Trump look bad. Others think it was brewed in a lab by China and released into the U.S. as punishment for some perceived slight or threatening gesture.

I just know this junk is real and everybody needs to beware of its dangers. Celebrate smartly and safely.

Ending the year in an unsafe or unhealthy manner is just plain stupid!

Pick a designated driver who will safely transport the parties safely home. Remember the blessed “DD’” isn’t the person who has had the least to drink! It is the person who did not imbibe at all!

A ticket for driving under the influence will cost upwards of $10,000 minimum. Lawyers fees, bail money, higher insurance rates, time in the bucket and loss of employment is far too high a price to pay, and a lousy way to end a holiday celebration.

Long days, and pleasant nights, dear readers. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

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Contact the writer at or on Twitter @TamiJoNix.


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