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Opinion: Easter, around the world

Tomorrow is Easter. It always falls on Sunday because its occurrence is based on a calculation of the date of Christ’s death and resurrection. According to our calendar, Easter falls on the first Sunday after a full moon that occurs after March 21. Although it is considered to be a Holy Day by Christians around the world, it is also a day of quite varied traditions and practices.

The Holy Land

In the Holy Land, particularly in Jerusalem, people emulate Jesus’ washing of the feet of his disciples on Holy Thursday. On Good Friday, they participate in a procession, The Way of the Cross, beginning at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The Holy Fire Ceremony takes place on the evening of Holy Saturday with the lighting of the Patriarch’s Candle inside the tomb. Finally, more than 20 services are held within Easter Sunday’s 24 hours at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Many other parts of the world have less spiritual rituals in addition to religious observance.

Omelets in France

In many French towns, people engage in the preparation of a giant omelet made with thousands of eggs. And when the French go big on food, they go gigantic. In Huax, the recipe calls for more than 15,000 eggs and feeds about 1,000 people.


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