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November baking

Stephanie Clifford, Wikimedia Commons

It’s a good time of year to find fresh pears that you can use to bake cakes. Use a springform pan or make it upside-down cake style.


Judging from the merchandise displays in the stores, Christmas is tomorrow and you’d better get busy or you’ll miss it.

But hey, what about Thanksgiving? Or all holidays aside, what about some old-fashioned chilly-weather baking, just because you like to bake (and eat)? The following recipes are some of my favorites for this time of year.

My husband usually squawks when he comes into the house to find the oven on, especially if he has been outside working up a sweat fixing a tractor, splitting firewood or getting the driveway ready for the coming winter storms. But he sure doesn’t complain when the food gets put on the table. I think many of us gals experience this very thing.



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