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Neighborhood Watch set to relaunch

For The Madera Tribune

A Neighborhood Watch Relaunch meeting was held outside at the Bergon Center on Tuesday. Attending the meeting were leaders from Madera neighborhoods who had participated in Neighborhood Watch and Neighborhood Gathering programs before the pandemic. Also present were representatives from the Police Department and City Council.


Madera’s Chief of Police, Gino Chiaramonte, led a meeting Tuesday evening as neighborhood leaders and Madera dignitaries gathered to hear about the relaunch of the Neighborhood Watch Teams around Madera. 

“This has been a long time coming, something that I am so grateful for the opportunity to do,” he said. 

He introduced the dignitaries who were present at the Bergon Center, including Mayor Santos Garcia, council members Cece Gallegos, Artemio Viegas, Elsa Mejia, and Steve Montes. 


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