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MUSD head presents State of District Address

For The Madera Tribune

Madera Unified School District Superintendent Todd Lile.


Madera Unified School District Superintendent Todd Lile presented the community with a major address last week at Matilda Torres High School during the Student Champion Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. Lile wove one of his favorite topics, Student Champions, into his annual State of the District oration.

“Tonight we honor those people who made it the mission of their career — their life’s work — to potential and to coach, nurture, expect and demand higher levels of achievement. We honor those teachers who are risking innovations rather than operate the status quo. Tonight we affirm that for each World Champion there is a Student Champion. We cannot have one without the other…

“Also, please join me in my appreciation of the Madera Linkage Foundation Board. They are a fantastic group of committed local leaders who care about the success of our students and staff. I’d like to particularly thank Tim Riché for being an everlasting Student Champion from within Madera Unified and for always recruiting others to support us. Our community is better for that Cajun. Making Madera a better place to live is for Tim, a very personal mission.



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