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Morgan’s Barber Shop closes, Haleys retire

Nancy Simpson/The Madera Tribune

Gary Morgan (center), son of the original owner of Morgan’s Barber Shop, sits in one of the original barber chairs in a stall. Behind him are current owners, Jeanne and Robert Haley.


It was the end of an era for Robert and Jeanne Haley, the day Morgan’s Barbershop closed its doors, on Dec. 22, 2023. The last two haircuts were for customers Dan Wattenberger and Albert Sheeter at 5 p.m. on closing day.

Robert has owned Morgan’s since 1990. He joined Gary Morgan on July 18, 1966, and started working in the barbershop at the same location where it has been since it originally opened in 1950, under the ownership of Gary’s father, Bill Morgan.

This is not the first barbershop where Robert worked. “I worked in Fresno for four years. It was at Mayfair Shopping Center at First & McKinley.”


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