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More memories from the corners of my mind

During the past few weeks of rainy, windy, and chilly weather, a few memories came to my mind about things my family did when I was growing up. There is something about being warm and cozy at home, when the weather outside is nippy, that brings memories to my mind.

I grew up in central Florida, and that area is not normally considered to have inclement weather, but during the time I lived there, we had a hurricane and some winters that got quite chilly. One year, there was a hard freeze, and many of the orange trees were destroyed.

We didn’t have a fireplace. That would have been too weird for that area. Our house was made of concrete blocks, and the windows were the glass louvered ones. They were called “jalousie” windows, and everyone in my neighborhood had them. So, the house was a bit uncomfortable in the winter time when the weather was unusually cold. I don’t remember what we did for heat, as we did not have central air and heat.


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