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Mom’s special day

Cat Campbell/For The Madera Tribune

Enjoy making, serving and eating some delicious chocolate skillet cake for a Mother’s Day treat.


Normally, I share brunch recipes for the celebration of Mother’s Day, but this year, thought, “Why not just go straight for the desserts?” So, I will go ahead and do that, as chances are high most moms love a tasty dessert.

When I was a kid, for some reason I always wanted to get my mom a rhinestone brooch for Mother’s Day. I guess I was fascinated with them because they were so shiny. My mom still has them, and probably everything else I gave or made for her as a kid. I do the same, as far as holding on to everything my two sons made for me or gave to me during their elementary school years. Sometimes we get their drawings out and look at them and I know the boys appreciate that their gifts became treasures.

Even if you no longer have your mom to call up, send a card to or take out for a meal on Mother’s Day, you can still celebrate your special memories. Go ahead and make a dessert (or a nice brunch), and enjoy it in her honor. You can be sure she will be smiling. Take care and be happy.



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