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MID and City partner for water recharge

The Madera Irrigation District and the City of Madera have been successfully partnering on groundwater recharge efforts this year. 

The MID and the City are maximizing all opportunities during this phenomenal water year. Since January, MID and the City have recharged more than 400 acre-feet in joint recharge basins and projects within the City. That amount of water is equivalent to the annual water use of approximately 1,000 households in Madera, a very significant amount. Groundwater recharge efforts by MID and the City are expected to continue throughout the summer and into the fall.

The partnership and collaboration help not only the City and MID, but also the Madera sub-basin as a whole. These efforts maintain the sustainability of the community of Madera by enhancing local water supplies. Additionally, recharging groundwater not only increases the quantity, but also helps improve groundwater quality. Taking all available opportunities and replenishing the groundwater aquifer in years like this is key for Madera. Not only will these actions allow Madera to sustain but to thrive well into the future, MID and the City are committed to ensuring that happens.


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