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Madera PD advises patience with mail theft

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Juan Cosio shows the cluster of mailboxes in his neighborhood that were recently broken into.


The Madera Police Department announced the apprehension of numerous suspects involved in mail thefts from Madera through Reedley where the suspects were caught.

“We have some people identified, as well as the car,” said Madera Police Department Detective Blake Short. “That is still ongoing and we are working with other agencies on mail theft. We will be contacting with other mail theft victims.”

According to a release from the Madera Police Department through social media, numerous items of mail were stolen from community mailboxes on the west side of Madera at the beginning of the new year.

“Our detective unit has worked with several other valley agencies, who advised their communities have also been targeted,” the statement said. “We developed information quickly due to the assistance of video camera surveillance which captured the suspects in a white four door sedan.”

Reedley Police Department located the vehicle and apprehended the suspects in the process of stealing mail in Reedley.

“Our agencies are working together at this time so charges can be filed in Madera,” read the statement.

Short said Madera Police Department is in the process of collecting the mail from Reedley.

“We know it was a number of mail,” he said. “Other cities between here and Reedley were also hit.”

Short knows that mail theft isn’t just about having your mail stolen. There are behind-the-scenes aspects of canceling credit cards, making notice or repairing the box itself.

Short and the Madera PD has a few preventative suggestions to help protect against mail theft.

“If people are going out of town, contact the post office to hold the mail or contact someone to collect your mail,” he said. “Be prompt in picking up the mail every night. Don’t leave anything lingering in the mailbox. We know people are going online more for billing, but there are important documents going through the mail. If you know any suspicious activity, contact law enforcement. if you see a break-in, let us know right away.”

The Madera Police Department’s efforts were helped by residents’ doorbell cameras and other surveillance videos in helping identify the suspects.

“When there is a break-in, people get their mail held,” Short said. “People are fixing their boxes. I would recommend contacting the post office to get their mail again. If they think it could be theft, make sure to contact us.”



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