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Liberty powerlifters break records

For The Madera Tribune

Liberty’s Savanah Heiger competes in a Santa Barbara powerlifting competition. Heiger set a National Record.


Liberty High School students Bordy Harlow and Savanah Heiger competed in another powerlifting competition, and broke more records.

At a competition in Santa Barbara, Harlow, a football, wrestler and track athlete for the Hawks, benched 341.5 pounds, which is a new national record for 17-and-under in the 165 pound weight class. He squatted 275 pounds and his deadlift was 429 pounds for a total of 1,145.5 pounds, which is also a new national record.

Heigher had a deadlift of 219.8 pounds, a bench of 110.2 pounds and a squat of 209.4 pounds. Her total of 534.5 pounds is a new national record.


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