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Letters: What’s next?

What a mess we have in our country and the world.

I ask myself, What’s next? Can it get any worse? What will it be like for young people and coming generations? What will they inherit as a nation and society, and how will they deal with it? I think and must admit, they will be facing conditions that terrify me.

First off — how will they possibly be able to pay off the national debt that our unconcerned leaders in Washington, D.C., keep pushing to irrational levels? It has now passed 28 trillion dollars, and every tax payer has a $225,000 responsibility for the debt. You can watch the numbers roll at If this doesn’t concern you, you are living in another dimension.

Secondly — how will we get past the extreme division that the far left is fomenting in D.C. and every blue state (Left leaning) major city in America. What is their agenda?

Seems to me — and I think it’s obvious to any clear thinker — that the far left, with the un-objecting permission of the progressive middle, are hell bent on tearing down the country so they can rebuild it to their liking. To be sure, the far left does not love this country. They may love what they think it can be, but it can not be the utopia they hope for; it’s against human nature.

Third — and most important — our country has mostly lost its moral compass. We’ve become a nation of feel good, what’s in it for me, power hungry, greedy, adrenalin junkies. We allow these faults the power to move that moral compass away from goodness and towards whatever pleases us or whoever we want attention from.

Degree by degree, we move towards evil that we call O.K. or even good. Real good becomes the enemy because evil and good don’t mix very well. Evil says, “It’s freedom.” But, this kind of freedom leads to bondage and to destruction.

Look at what comes out of Hollywood. Hollywood celebrities are celebrated for their wild romances, for showing another inch of bare skin, for living an extreme life-style that is self centered and never satisfied with success. And consider the music that has infected the minds and morals of our youth. Rap and “gangsta” music has made it easy to take the mentality of the young to anger and hate towards the police and disrespect for themselves and their women; “all police are pigs and your women are hoes.” Feed anyone this trash starting at 8- 10 years old, and you will end up with twisted morality that ends up in tragedy.

If you really want to know what’s going on, and what direction we are going, do an internet search for “Paul Harvey’s Warning To America.”

Maybe our Tribune could print it as a side piece? It’s very telling and it’s 55 years old. Reading this may open your eyes to who the Puppet Master is and how he works; pulling the strings, from hidden places.

Don’t be fooled! The future will get much, much darker before the light comes. And, the first light will be the devil looking like the savior.

If you are seriously concerned for your children and grandchildren, take the time to read 2 Thessalonians, all of Chapter 2, in your Bible or on the internet.

Be informed. Darkness comes before the Light.

— Blessings to all!

Jon Barsotti,



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