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Letters: Think you need to be free?

Kept from what you want to do?

Kept from going out and do what you want to do?

Till you lose your parent’s, what cost did you pay for your freedom?

Lose your mom, then your dad?

Is it to get your freedom.

What cost when you have your parent and God is keeping you safe!?

I know! Been there!

All because I wanted my way.

NOW, I lost them both. I’m a spoiled brat!

I now pray to be a child elsewhere and my parents be alive, but with me!

Or not! Are you a spoiled brat? Thank God or your own God.

You still have your own still alive.

Cause i don’t. They died two years apart. I’m alone.

Please don’t turn your backs on your parents.

Just enjoy them while you still got them.

— Betty Jo Wilson,

Lonely child of one true God



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