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Letters: ‘Thanks’ for everything, Mr. President

I think it’s great that Chuck Wieland has taken the opportunity to thank his president, Joe Biden, for what he has done for America and American citizens. I have always been one to respect others opinions and have never taken the opportunity to do what many Democrats have done in the past — participate in “cancel culture.”

Unfortunately, for Chuck and the Biden fans of this country, their opinions do not match those of the majority of Americans.

President Biden has approval ratings down in the 30th percentile, which are the lowest of any sitting president in recent history. Even a good percentage of the members of the Democrat party don’t think highly of his performance. They are even lower than Donald Trump’s, who, the Democrats consider to be the most hated man in America, and have called him the biggest threat to Democracy in America. Biden’s low ratings are actually higher than those of his vice president, Kamala Harris, so we have to give him credit for that.


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