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Letters: Senate Bill 1383

In last month’s City of Madera bill, there was a flier reminding us about SB1383, regarding our need to reduce organic waste disposal from our landfills. I wish to thank the City for this reminder.

Prior to this flier, I placed all un-recyclable garbage into the grey garbage bin. I now have purchased small compostable garbage bags for a container on my kitchen counter, where I deposit thrown-away food items, which I now place in the green garbage bin.

I try not to use my garbage disposal, as there have been requests not to overload the sewer system with this type of waste. I also reread the recycle flier that is posted on my refrigerator, and now use large compostable bags for paper items that have been contaminated with food, such as pizza boxes. These I now also place in the green garbage bin.

I continue to place my plastic, paper and glass into the Blue recyclable bin as I have done for more than 25 years.

I called Mid Valley Disposal for clarification to some questions I had. They were great to deal with.

I am trying my best to help out. Yes, at times, it bothers me to do all of this, as I feel I am going backwards not forwards in progress, but I realize we all need to pitch in as best we can. Instead of grumbling and complaining about all of this, I am enjoying the challenge to remember the new garbage routines I have.

Please join me in trying a bit harder to help Madera meet its goals.

— Tina Holmquist,



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