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Letters: Seems to fall short

I would like to express my gratitude to Police Chief Dino Lawson as he embarks on his retirement, acknowledging his exemplary service. The prospect of Madera being under the capable leadership of our incoming Police Chief Gino Chiaramote, pending the council’s approval, brings me great satisfaction. We are fortunate to have such a qualified candidate within our own ranks.

Addressing Mayor Santos Garcia: I want to bring attention to the deteriorating state of our city under your administration. The recent loss of a 200-apartment complex project in Madera is deeply concerning. After nearly a year’s effort and a personal investment of over $100,000, the abrupt departure of the builder following discussions with the city indicates a troubling situation. Madera appears to have an unfavorable business environment, characterized by delayed responses to inquiries and emails. Seeking permits in Madera is known to involve a waiting period of 90 days for a response, with minimal follow-up. This is in stark contrast to my experience in Kerman, where prompt communication led to a same-day approval. Establishing timeframes for processing each piece of paperwork submitted to the city would greatly improve efficiency.

In my project’s case, a significant delay was caused by an outsourced individual who had possession of the paperwork for 60 days. Only when I escalated the matter to the city manager did the issue receive immediate attention and resolution. Mayor, despite your decision to outsource tasks to expedite processes, the reality is that there has been no see able improvement. For instance, the Big Lot store remains unopened, as does the Adult Day Care facility. These establishments would provide approximately 80 jobs for the community. I want you to take proactive measures, engaging landlords and tenants to understand and overcome the obstacles hindering their opening.


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