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Letters: Oath is still sacred

Our elected and many appointed officials swear an oath to protect our state and federal constitutions from our enemies, foreign and domestic. I swore that sacred oath several times. How’s that working out?

In NYC, the U.S. Department of Justice filed three criminal indictments alleging that Chinese Communist government agents have been illegally tracking, surveilling, trolling, and otherwise harassing American citizens in the United States for criticizing the Chinese government. Here, the criticism is protected free speech. Some of the alleged illegal conduct was done by Chinese agents in Manhattan.

Meanwhile, also in NYC, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, a Trump supporter, convened a hearing to highlight other crimes taking place in NYC. The purpose of the federal hearing was to suggest that the prosecutor who indicted former president Trump for alleged crimes committed in NYC should be focusing on crimes that the Ohio congressman thinks are more serious than the 34 felonies that Trump is accused of committing.


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