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Letters: Not far enough?

I must admit, I have been a Jim Glynn fan for some time.

Seldom do I disagree with his written opinion. But his, “unwanted children,” piece has to be his most disturbing to me.

I see his points, but he doesn’t go far enough? He’s only concerned about the mess the 620,000 aborted babies will make on society if not sorted and aborted; not being wanted, causing mental issues. Maybe we should cull out some of the 3.5 million born and not aborted? After all, maybe a third of those are going to be tainted because they are not wanted as much as they should be.

The science, you know, tells us the chemistry might not be right in this one or that one. Certainly, we need to find out which babies (not yet born) might have misbehaving DNA. Or maybe they won’t have the, “resources” needed to be, “productive adults?” Who set the standard? Am I productive enough?

I find it curious that a group with the title, “Energetics Institute,” sounds so close to eugenics. A Mary Sanger spin-off? (The racist mother of Planned Parenthood, “cull the Black people; bad for society.”)

Am I one of those “ranting” mentioned in the last paragraph? How is it that extremely peaceful demonstrators for-life are rantors, and screaming, disruptive, law-breaking abortion advocates are seen as holy?

Color me the truth. Sorry. This one I find lacking. No moral foundation or compass.

Utopia is not possible.

— Jon Barsotti,



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