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Letters: Many problems for Madera, nation

It is a crying shame our hospital had to close its doors, but not surprising. This hospital has been in the red for many years.

I can remember 25-30 years ago hearing talk that MCH was losing money. This is a business and must make money to stay in business, but Madera Community Hospital was bankrupt.

I understand negotiations had been ongoing for months with a buyer, but apparently the Attorney General of California put demands on the buyer that it could not — or would not — comply with and backed out.

Hopefully another buyer can be found soon. The state should ease up on the demands; we need a hospital in Madera County and the state contributed to the problem by making this state a sanctuary state.

President Biden is also creating a catastrophe by allowing thousands upon thousands of migrants from all over the world to invade our country and that is what it is: an invasion.

Biden has tried to hide this by dispersing illegals all over the country in the middle of the night which, of course, is doing no good.

They have nothing but what they can carry. No money and no medical insurance, and they will need medical care, but they expect us taxpayers to take care of them, and Biden wants to give them free healthcare. They will put additional strain on all hospitals and more hospitals may bite the dust as MCH has done.

Months ago, Biden put VP Kamala Harris in charge of fixing our immigration crises, but she can’t fix anything. She is dead weight in the White House.

Our nearest hospital is now St. Agnes; the ambulance will have a longer drive and who can draw blood for law enforcement? Many problems.

— Frank Bradford,



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