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Letters: MAGA Trumpers

While I appreciate Mr. Gaunt’s response to my letter to the Tribune being critical of Chuck Wieland’s characterization of members of the Republican Party, he was way off base on what my intentions were. He has a right to voice his opinion as well as I do and everyone else does, that is what our 1st Amendment rights are for. My criticism of Chuck was not because of his beliefs and his dislike for Donald Trump, it was due to the fact that he resorted to foolish name calling to describe members of the Republican Party. Name calling is something that school kids do, not something mature adults should do just because someone has different beliefs or ideas that they don’t agree with. 

There are many terms that I could use to describe followers of the Democrat Party and Joe Biden, but it is something that I choose not to do. I guess contrary to yours and Chuck’s beliefs, I respect others opinions on all matters, not only political ones and will not resort to public name calling and shaming just because of your beliefs. It is your God given right. We are all humans and we must co-exist in this country despite our differences. That was the point I was trying to make to Chuck, why resort to tactics like that?

Nowhere in my letter did I defend the actions or the Presidency of Trump, I was even critical of him at certain points in my letter. Your assumption that all Republicans are “MAGA Trumpers” or “Trumps slavish enablers of the cult-like Republican Party.” Is totally off base. I do not consider my self a MAGA Trumper nor do a lot of my friends who feel the same as I do. We only want what is best for America and we believe, and the popularity figures agree, that Biden and Democrat agenda is not what is best for America. Between the two of them, I stated before that my choice is an easy one. Vote for America or vote for the continuing destruction of America. 


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