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Letters: ‘México en el Corazón’ coming to Madera

The purpose of this letter is to share an exciting project with Danzantes del Valle Coalition has established a firm collaboration with the North American Institute for Mexican Advancement (NAIMA) that will allow us to present a show entitled “México en el Corazón” in Fresno this coming Sunday, May 29th. With the support of Alliance Sports Association, an organization that has brought this event to Denver, Colorado, on several occasions, we have begun to work in collaboration with local public and private organizations in order to ensure the success of this ambitious project.

Madera’s Ballet Folklorico de Madera will host this group in Madera on May 30 for the VFW Memorial Day event at Courthouse Park. They will provide mariachi music, along with the folkloric dancers. We are very excited to share this event with the community of Madera and to inform the public they are welcomed to this event.

Danzantes del Valle Coalition was founded in 1990 as an organization that unites more than thirty Mexican folkloric dance groups from the San Joaquin Valley, bringing together more than 2,500 dancers under the umbrella of Casa de la Cultura Arte Americas, a non-profit cultural center in Fresno, California. The mission of the Coalition is to form alliances between dancers and dance group directors through projects such as shows, workshops and training, geared toward improving the artistic and professional skills of each of its members. Besides joining efforts with local organizations, we are always looking for opportunities to grow and learn from successful undertakings elsewhere; that is how we came across NAIMA. NAIMA is a non-profit organization based in Chicago, which promotes growth and improvement of Mexican and Mexican American communities in the United States via projects that will empower their members. Cultural activities are a major component in NAIMA’s efforts, as they represent Mexico’s rich contributions through different art disciplines and its people.

The most traditional art forms are assembled in magnificent productions, such as the show we are involved with now. “México en el Corazón” is an annual show that has astonished hundreds of thousands of people for seven years, touring through several cities in Mexico, the United States and Canada. The show embodies the rich Mexican culture through music and dance, showcasing folklore and color and acknowledging its influence in foreign cultures. A close collaboration between the government of Guadalajara and NAIMA makes “México en el Corazón” possible every year, supported by various local sponsors in each city they visit.

We hereby would like to invite you to become a part of this major event that will contribute to Fresno’s flourishing art scene; your collaboration will be key to the success of this event. Please take a minute to review sponsorship opportunities

— Kind regards,

Alfredo Robles, President

Danzantes del Valle Coalition, Arte America


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