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Letters: Creating a new word

I’m inventing and claiming a new word: Goebbelizing.

You will ask, “What’s the root for this new word?” The root is Goebbels. As in Joseph Goebbles, the Minister of Propaganda for Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party from 1933 to 1945.

His ministry focused on using information, and more often misinformation, to further the Nazi movement. He was possibly Hitler’s closest friend. His M.O. was “Keep telling the lie, and make it big, and sooner than later, they will come to believe it.” I’ve paraphrased of course.

Where am I going with this?

The White House officials and staff with the president’s direction (?) are Goebbelizing this whole Afghanistan horrendous tragedy. They are not telling the truth about the number of American citizens and allies that (were) left behind. Even saying those who want to get out, will. Suggesting some would rather stay? Who? It’s a lie. Now telling those who need to leave not to come to the gates because it’s too dangerous.

They are not telling us that the hostages left behind will be ransomed with the 7 to 10 billion dollars in gold in America Banks. They are not telling us that the Chinese will be landing soon after we leave.

And what is so sacred about Aug. 31? How have we come to the place where our president bows and kisses the rings of terrorists?

Even the liberal news media staggers at the unanswered questions and misleading answers given by officials and staff. Just pay attention. This is going to get real, real bad. This, for the ones left behind, will be America’s Ruanda — with heads off instead of hands.

I will close by asking for prayer for those who need to get out, and more prayers for those who need to get out, but (were) left behind. And prayers for those who have served there, who have given limb and life, and those who have lost love ones there. This mess must be crushing to their hearts.

The Goebbelizers seem to have no sympathy for you. Just their agenda.

Much darkness is certainly coming before the light. Blessings to all!

P.S. My first adventure into presidential issues was in August of 1974. I sent a Western Union Telegram to President Nixon who had covered up the political break-in at the Watergate office complex. He didn’t instigate the misadventure, but he certainly did lie a lot trying to cover it up when he became aware.

Only allowing a few words for $15, sent was, “You are a liar. Get out of my Whitehouse.” He was gone within a week. My wife was concerned for months that the FBI was going to knock on our door. That whole chain of events and the aftermath will, in the future, pale in comparison to what is and will happen in Afghanistan! Mark my word.

— Jon Barsotti,



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