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Letters: An open letter to Jim Costa

Mr. Congressman,

Please take this letter personal. Our country is at the edge of sliding into Socialism. You are smart enough to see this and know that it’s coming.

You will go down in history as a participant, an accessory, to making this happen. Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will know you did nothing to save our Democracy. They will face the ire of their friends and neighbors that are not as well connected socially and financially secure.

The question I submit to you here and now is this — do you represent the people of the 16th District or do you represent your Democrat party? The party’s an association. The district is the soul of what you have committed to serve. These are the people you will directly negatively affect by helping your associate Democrats evolve — yes an evolution — into socialism. You must see this coming. If not, you are uninformed, tainted by the power of office, don’t care, or are not friends with the truth. I sincerely hope you are friends with the truth.

If not, this letter will mean nothing to you.

Please consider being a representative of the souls of your district, not the party. Could you really believe they want to slide into socialism? It’s coming, if you don’t try to help stop it. Join senators Manchin and Sinema against the radical move towards socialism that the extreme Progressive caucus has as their primary intentions. You must see this.

Consider being a hero in this, not a follower. Time is short. We are watching.

I started by saying, “Please take this letter personal.”

Why would I say this? Because I am seriously concerned for MY grandchildren and great-grandchildren. What will the nation be like for them in 20, 30, 40 years? YOU should be too. And, what about their descendants? Socialism?

— Jon Barsotti,


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