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Letter: Vote on Newsom recall

If some of you do not pay much attention to news, Californians will be receiving ballots this month to recall our dictator governor on Sept. 14. Now that a couple of polls have shown he is in jeopardy of losing his job, he is trying to play nice with everyone. But remember last year all the lockdowns, stay at home orders and businesses that were closed and losing money? Newsom shut down the economy, but he dined out without a mask. Lots of people were unemployed, but he never missed a paycheck — and even gave himself a raise.

Crime is going up because he let so many out of prisons early with no bail. Criminals are arrested and the jails have to let them right out without bail and some go out and commit more crimes. President Biden has an open border policy right now and, of course, it is devastating our country.

The Border Patrol is swamped by illegals coming by the thousands, not just from Mexico or Central America, but from many other countries. Our government is shipping them out at night by bus and plane at our expense to all parts of the U.S., including California. Why not? Newsom has made our state a sanctuary state for illegal aliens. Many of these people are sick with COVID-19 and are not even tested, but citizens are being urged or coerced into being vaccinated, but they do not care about the illegals.

Remember a year or two ago when California wanted ammunition marked so they could try to determine from what gun the bullet was fired? President Biden has threatened to seize law abiding citizens’ guns, and thereby caused more citizens to buy guns. About 8 million were sold in the last year. If every one of those new gun owners buy one box of 50 rounds to practice with, that is 450 million rounds, so we now have a shortage of ammunition, though the manufacturers are making them as fast as they can. There is so much more.

You can’t cure stupidity, but we can elect a new governor if Newsom is recalled. Vote YES on the recall.

— Frank Bradford,



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