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Learning goodness from parents

Parenting is a hard job, regardless of the innate personality of the kids, or how prepared a parent is when the child comes into the world. To put it quite bluntly, every parent needs help. This is why the job of parenting is designed to be done by at least two people, a mother and a father.

I was looking forward to motherhood. I had great parents, and very loving grandparents, so I thought I knew just how to be a good parent. I was going to raise my children just about the same way as I was raised. I knew what discipline was. My parents taught us that any violation had its consequences. The discipline I experienced seemed unjust at the time. I hated it, but years later in retrospect, I found it to be quite appropriate.

My dad was one of eight children. It was always such fun to go visit his family. I was one of 21 grandchildren, and there were always many children to play with at my grandparent’s house.


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