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Law enforcement leaders speak about Chauvin conviction

With the Derek Chauvin conviction of George Floyd’s death, The Madera Tribune reached out to the leaders of Madera’s law enforcement for their reaction and statement about what their department is doing to be proactive in supporting the community.

Madera County Sheriff Tyson Pogue

We support the justice system and recognize its critical role as one of the paramount institutions in our society for maintaining order.

The Madera County Sheriff’s Office strives to maintain a positive and transparent relationship with the community we serve. We are grateful for the support they show us, and we take our responsibility as peace officers seriously.

As guardians of the communities, we are sworn to protect, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of upholding safety and order while demonstrating respect for all. Our department is committed to preserving impartial treatment and equality to every member of our community.

City of Madera Chief of Police Dino Lawson

On April 20, 2021, in the state of Minnesota, a jury rendered a verdict, convicting Derek Chauvin on all counts. Derek Chauvin was not compelled to choose the profession of law enforcement, however by choosing it, he was obligated to perform the duties and the responsibility of protecting rights of all citizens. He failed to carry out this most sacred duty of all law enforcement officers and he was held accountable for his actions. We must be ever vigilant of the failures that caused the death of George Floyd.

The Madera Police Department strives to be true partners with the community and understand the frequent needs of the public, which goes beyond the conventional expectations of law enforcement. The police department is continually building relationships with the community as a daily practice.

We continue the growth of our community outreach programs which fosters trust and mutual respect. The approach of the Madera Police officers is to treat every person with respect without any favoritism. The practice of mutual respect between officers and the public has improved the positivity of police and public contact in our city.

I want to take this opportunity to give praise and accolades to the outstanding personnel that serve this community daily, your Madera Police Department.



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