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Korean documentary spotlights The Pines Resort at Bass Lake

BASS LAKE — The Choe family owns and operates The Pines Resort at Bass Lake. Choi Kyu-sun, the patriarch of the family, is a Korean immigrant. He purchased the lakefront resort in Central California with big dreams, but limited experience operating a large resort property.

Ten years later, he’s still doing it, and now with the help of his son. Ambition and hard work drove Kyu-sun, his wife and son, to their goals. OnDemandKorea captured their story in a documentary series titled “Against The Odds – CEO.”

Locals and regular visitors to Bass Lake know that this small corner of the world is exceptional. Now, the appeal of The Pines Resort and beautiful Bass Lake has a new audience in Korea and Korean communities abroad.

The Choe family story of perseverance and passion showcases that the California version of The American Dream is alive and well.

“As an entrepreneur, it’s inspiring seeing how the Choe’s followed their dreams, took a risk, and succeeded. With hard work, determination, a well-thought-out business plan, and a little luck, it’s possible to achieve your goals in life,” said Michael Broderick, owner of Pedal Forward Bikes and Adventure in Oakhurst. “Our new business is excited to launch a promotion with The Pines Resort amd highlighting the incredible single track mountain biking trails a few minutes away from the lake.”

“I’ve known Kyu-sun since he owned the Days Inn in Oakhurst. He was so kind to a friend of mine who stayed at his hotel when their house flooded,” explains Tom Wheeler, Madera County District IV Supervisor. “When I first ran for County Supervisor, I was placing campaign signs on Road 223, in North Fork, Kyu-sun stopped, got out of his van, and said, ‘Remember me?’. Of course, I did. He let me know that he’d watched my first debate and that I had his support. It meant a lot to me then, and it still does today. That was about 16 years ago, and it’s been a great friendship. He’s come so far, and he truly is, an American success story.”

From Bass Lake’s south shore, Michelle Miller of Miller’s Landing Resort shared, “Our family wants to extend a huge congratulations to the Choe Family for celebrating more than a decade of ownership at The Pines Resort! This wonderful new documentary shares a powerful story, and we are grateful to have the Choe’s, and the entire team at The Pines, as our friends and neighbors across the lake.”


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