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Juneteenth Day celebration set

Black Saints United and the City of Madera will present the second annual Junteenth Celebration on Friday at 10 a.m. at the Madera Courthouse Museum Park.

The theme of the event is “Break Every Chain.” The guest speaker will be Pastor Alonzo Wagner from Fresno Westside Seventh-Dad Adventist Church.

“It’s going to be spectacular,” said Madera Mayor Pro Tem Anita Evans.

Black Saints United will be honoring Wilhelmenia Fryer and Luther Slack.

“Luther has been involved in the community,” Evans said. “He has contributed his time at Berenda school for a number of years. He would tutor kids and help the kids out there. He has been a part of many different functions in the city. Wilhemenia has been a pillar of the community. Her husband started Hull Street Church. Now, her son is the pastor of the church.”

In addition, Evans said they will be paying tribute to the Buffalo Soldiers.

“They paved the path from Madera-Maricopa and Yosemite,” she said. “They paved for State Route 41. I’m excited about that. We will have an actual shirt worn by the soldiers and the bugle that was used by the Buffalo soldiers.”

“Andy Medellin blessed us with the sign that is hanging on Yosemite for the celebration,” she said. “I hope to have 50-75 people come out. We want people to come out and celebrate our struggle. Together we stand, divided we fall. With the love of each other, we can conquer it all.”


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