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Italian immigrants gave up a son

For The Madera Tribune

The Ferretti family.


Eugenio Ferretti and Maria Ceccarelli were married in 1920 in Marlia in the Italian Province of Lucca, and in February 1921, they left Italy for America. Eventually they settled in Madera where they had four sons. Sergio (1921), Nello Dominic (1923), Edward (1927), and Roland (1931). Today, Roland is the only one of the family left to tell their story.

He remembers a closely knit family that was united by love. “We didn’t need anything to keep the family together,” Roland remembers. He recalls his mother as a very quiet, delicate person who cared only for her four boys.

As for Eugenio, his father, Roland remembers him as “a man of vision” and of honor. His word was his bond, and he conducted

his business on a handshake.



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