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In memory of Chuck Doud

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Madera Tribune Advertising Executive Corrie Valdez helps celebrate Chuck Doud’s birthday in September with his dog, Tribbie.


The newspaper industry has been suffering for years,by either downsizing or permanent closure.

The city of Madera is fortunate to still have a newspaper but it’s not just any newspaper, it’s Madera’s 129-year-old newspaper.

The Madera Tribune has been providing the news and information about our city, local government, hospital, schools, businesses, agriculture community, children, their sports teams, service groups, local arts and many other activities.

The Tribune has provided a much needed service to our city and our readers for generations. This paper has kept our community well informed of the happenings of Madera. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Madera Tribune kept readers aware of the restaurants and businesses that had remained open in one form or another because they needed help, and they still do.

I’ve been working for The Madera Tribune newspaper since March 1997, (with a brief interruption). That’s a long time, and I’m not even the longest serving employee. We are very grateful to you, our readers and advertisers, because without you, there would not be a Madera Tribune newspaper.

Yes, we’ve made mistakes, but we’ve always tried to made it right. This is a hard job, but I love it. It has a part of my heart and the ink runs through my veins. You have to be quite a character to work here and do this job.

As an advertising executive, I can tell you, I’ve heard it all regarding our paper as I travel in and out of businesses while promoting The Madera Tribune. I stress the importance of advertising in it.

Recently, we lost our owner/publisher, Chuck Doud, and he will be missed. This man loved this paper for all it represents — as an iconic institution for the people to share their voice. In our Letters To The Editor, which there have been many, Maderans have shared their concerns and their voices to you, our readers.

Chuck loved the First Amendment, as do we all. I can’t tell you what the future holds for this beautiful institution of our community. As of now, our doors are open for business.

I do know this, We need The Madera Tribune. We need your support, Madera. Just by renewing your subscription or buying a new subscription for a friend or a loved one would show your support. Advertise that car you have for sale or the couch in The Madera Tribune classifieds. If you’re a business owner, I ask of you to please consider advertising that sale you’re going to be having in The Madera Tribune and on our social media platforms, that would bring that foot traffic into your store and by doing this, we continue to promote each other,even a small ad can do wonders.

Did I tell you, I love my job?… It’s a new day, Extra, extra read all about it… See you on our streets.

— Corrie Valdez, Advertising Executive

The Madera Tribune


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