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Holiday side dishes

Kolforn, Wikimedia Commons

A cheesy, potato casserole is always a hearty and welcome choice both for holiday and everyday meals.


Most holiday feasts usually feature some sort of meat as the star of the show, such as fancy beef and pork roasts, poultry, lamb or sometimes fish or seafood. I like all of those, but my favorite dishes at all holiday meals happen to be the sides. I will even have second helpings in most cases.

Thus was the case with my own Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was delicious and moist, but after taking one small slice, I made sure to leave plenty of room for the stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, candied yams and cranberry sauce. Oh, and the fruit salad, Brussels sprouts, green bean casserole and rolls.

The night before writing this, I used the last of my leftover turkey for a big pot of soup. I think we are finally feeling full of everything, and now I have to start dealing with that perpetual question, “What will I fix for dinner tonight?” If you already know what your main course is going to be for the next big holiday, but are open to suggestions for side dishes, here are a few ideas that might appeal to you. Hope you are enjoying this time of year so far.


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