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History pays for Madera eighth graders

Nine 8th grade scholars struck pay dirt, literally, just before Christmas.

The indefatigable sleuthing efforts of nine students from Dixieland, Eastin-Arcola, and La Vina schools won the top spots for them in the contest to see who could amass the most points in researching Madera’s Civil War veterans.

It’s all part of a Madera Method project to investigate the roles some of Madera’s pioneers played in the War Between the States.

The contests were held separately in each of the three schools. First place winners received $100; second place winners got $50, and third place winners received $25.

Winners in Mr. Jensen’s 8th grade class at Dixieland were Jaspal Bagri (1st place), Maggie Torres (2nd place), and Sebastian Rojas (3rd place).

Top researchers in Mr. Gandy’s class at Eastin-Arcola were Leslie Fabian (1st place), Karla Hernandez (2nd place), and Kayly Alvardo (3rd place).

Prize winners in Mr. Colunga’s class at La Vina were Giselle Jimenez (1st place), Rebekah Valencia (2nd place), and Liz Agular  (3rd place).

Contest prize funding was provided by donations from Carles Beckett (La Vina), The Madera Tribune (Dixieland), and Pistoresi Ambulance (Eastin Arcola).


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