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Fastway Chicken celebrates 45 years

Angel L de Jesus Jr./The Madera Tribune

Eventgoers attend the 45th anniversary celebration for Fastway Chicken on Saturday.


Fastway Chicken celebrated its 45th anniversary with a grand event held at its location on North D Street.

Their lot was filled with popups of local establishments, which included Madera Police Department, Madera Sherrif’s Department, and other local entities on Saturday. The eatery was open for chicken orders, but they also had corn dogs and burritos, raffle prizes, music, and a photo booth.

The restaurant was founded in 1978 by Sunny Nishimoto, and is still owned and operated by the Nishimoto family, Wally and Kathy Nishimoto, who have remained prominent in the community of Madera, and supportive of the youth organizations of Madera.


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