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Changes coming to Courthouse Park

During the regularly scheduled meeting held at the county building in downtown Madera on Tuesday morning, the County Board of Supervisors recognized May as Older American’s Month, approved a contract to continue offering transportation services connecting Madera County, and has moved forward in approving a contract selecting a construction service to complete several changes coming to Courthouse Park. 

The Board of Supervisors took a moment to recognize May as Older American’s Month. Program Director Hillary Bennett of the Fresno Madera Agency on Aging was on hand to give a few words. 

Started in 1980, the agency is one of 33 in California committed to empowering adults to make informed decisions and sound choices, increasing independence, and ensuring quality of life through connection to resources, and helping maintain the ability of older adults to live independently as long as possible and address the basic needs of older adults who are most vulnerable to promote aging with dignity and a safe living environment. 


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