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Central California Blood Center encourages donations during critical shortage

FRESNO — With the community’s blood supply facing a critical shortage of nearly 2,500 units, the Central California Blood Center, in partnership with Cumulus Media, is reaching out to community members and local business owners, urging them to donate blood. The initiative, BloodQuest 8500, launched on February 26, and aims to collect 8,500 units of blood within a 30-day period to address this urgent need.

The critical shortage of blood components, exacerbated by seasonal variations and surging demand, has reached an alarming level, placing the lives of countless patients who require blood transfusions in jeopardy. These individuals, dependent on the essential lifeline of donated blood, are facing treatments, surgeries, and emergencies with uncertain outcomes, which is magnified by the insufficient number of blood donors. This situation urgently calls for action, emphasizing the indispensable role of each blood donation in preserving lives and supporting the well-being of those in acute need.

Christopher Staub, President and CEO of the Central California Blood Center, emphasizes, “We must remember that these essential life-saving resources cannot be synthetically produced — they depend entirely on the altruism of voluntary donors. With the demand for blood escalating, I urge our community and business leaders to acknowledge the critical importance of voluntary donations in maintaining the health and survival of those in need. Blood stands out as a unique medical necessity that cannot be fabricated in a lab; it requires the selfless act of individuals who are ready to share a part of themselves to save lives and support their community members.”


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