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Camarena gives first COVID-19 vaccines to its employees

Courtesy of Michael Gaskin

Dr. Joel Ramirez, Chief Medical Officer, receives his vaccine from Lead Medical Assistant Juan Infante.


As the largest primary care provider in Madera County, Camarena Health announced they have received their first allotment of COVID-19 Moderna vaccines.

These vaccines will be provided to Camarena Health employees who have been working tirelessly over the past 10 months.

“The arrival of these vaccines is an immensely welcome means to help battle this pandemic, especially at a time when we are seeing surging numbers of COVID cases in our area and in our workforce”, says Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joel Ramirez.

On Dec. 31, Camarena Health administered the first vaccines to their employees and are working diligently to secure and receive additional quantities so that they can soon vaccinate nearly 500 employees.

“For now, we will focus on vaccinating those that are of highest exposure risk for COVID infection, and/or for the development of complications due to COVID infection,” Ramirez said.

Camarena Health’s goal will be for every staff person to get the vaccine to protect themselves, their families, and their patients.

“We have been dealing with COVID for far too long, and we have all personally felt the impact of this pandemic,” Ramirez said. “This vaccine is one big step closer to helping us get back to some normalcy in our lives.”

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