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Book Talk: Heather Chavez, ‘No Bad Deed’

“No Bad Deed” (2020, 309 pages in paperback format) is the debut novel by Heather Chavez, a graduate of UC Berkeley’s English Literature program. She has been a newspaper reporter and is currently employed in public affairs for a major health-care organization. And she has written a story that will keep you guessing from cover to cover.

Veterinarian Cassie Larkin is driving home after a very long day at her clinic when a woman dashes across the highway. Cassie’s sudden braking causes her soft drink to spill, and she pulls onto the shoulder to sop up the mess. That’s when she becomes aware of the man who is attempting to kill the woman. A scrapper who was quick to fight in her younger years, Cassie gets out of her car after dialing 9-1-1 and confronts the man.

The man, who we later learn is named Carver, throws the woman down an embankment and turns his attention to Cassie. He tells the veterinarian, “Let her die, and I’ll let you live.” Then, he takes off in Cassie’s car. So, he has her automobile registration, knows her name and address. And that’s just the start of her worries.



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