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Book Talk: Fiona Barton, ‘The Suspect’

Thailand. A magnet for so many young people seeking the exotic, the thrilling, the majesty of nature.

Alexandra (Alex) O’Connor has chosen to use her gap year to go backpacking through the Southeast Asian nation with her best friend, Mags. But, on the day that they had planned to buy their plane tickets, Mags had to cancel. “She just didn’t have enough money; she was so sorry. Alex had been too stunned to have a row. Afterward, she wondered if her friend had ever really intended to go.”

Almost immediately, Rosie steps up. But Rosie is not really a friend, just a girl who lives on the same block. When they first met a few years ago, Alex was uneasy. “It had felt like a bonding moment, but somehow they hadn’t been able to build on it. Alex had never been sure why.” However, it didn’t take long once the two girls were in Bangkok for Alex to understand. While Alex is cautious and a bit conservative, Rosie is daring, promiscuous, and totally naïve about handling her money.


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