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Board of Supes recognizes alcohol awareness month

During the regularly scheduled meeting held in downtown Madera, the Madera County Board of Supervisors recognized the month of April as Alcohol Awareness Month along with the achievements of Madera’s Workforce Development Board. 

The Workforce Development Board was recognized this year by the Valley Small Business Development Center as Partner of the Year. The Board also approved the allocation of revenue to be used for several needed repairs to the jailhouse in Madera at it’s scheduled meeting Tuesday.

Following a request to the County Supervisors given by Division Director of General Services for Madera County, Anthony Loza, and Facility Superintendent, Janelle Clark, the Board of Supervisors approved the allocation of $1.088 million to be used from the Deferred Maintenance Capital Projects Fund for the use of critical maintenance projects at the Madera County Jailhouse. 


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