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Be a part of the 2022 Madera fair

As Madera Fair gears up for the annual September Fair, Maderans, young and old, can join in and make their mark on the 2022 event.

The yearly entertainment tradition invites local talent to grace the stage one evening of the fair amidst jugglers, magicians and the like. The Madera Fair is proud to provide this venue to showcase diverse acts such as singing, dancing, musical talents, martial arts, and more right from our hometown.

Applications must be submitted by July 29. Acts will be considered in order of receipt and in keeping with the goal of maintaining diversity in entertainment. Stage time is limited so please respond promptly.

Madera County high school students can take advantage of the Junior Fair Board, created to provide young adults with an opportunity to develop leadership and public relation skills, perform community service, and become aware of the business and operations of Madera District Fair.

Under leadership of the Exhibits and Marketing staff, participants get a great behind the scenes experience of the annual fair. The 2022 volunteer Junior Fair Board offers two courses to potential members based on time commitment, responsibility and potential member desires. If participants want an in-depth membership role, the Junior Fair Board course is the one to apply for. If the students schedule does not allow for a full-term commitment, participation as a Service Member during the four days of fair may be most suitable.

Visit or contact Barbara Leach, at the Madera District Fair office, 674-8511 or by email at for further information.


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