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AMAE Presents $16,000 in scholarships

Nancy Simpson/The Madera Tribune

Fourteen students receive certificates at the AMAE Scholarship Awards Dinner. Each certificate represents a $1,000 scholarship.


Alex J. Garcia, president of Association of Mexican American Educators, Madera Chapter (AMAE) gave a warm welcome to all friends and family attending the annual Student Scholarship Awards Dinner.

The evening began with a performance of the folkloric dancers, which contained dancers of many ages, from children through adults, on May 26.

The guest speaker was Adrianna Cabrera, who is the Career Technician at Matilda Torres High School. She was born and raised in Madera. Cabrera praised the educators in Madera, based on her own experiences as a student and as a member of the staff at Matilda Torres High School. She mentioned a list of educators who helped to shape her as she grew into the woman she is today, and she thanked her parents and all those who were great mentors along the way.

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