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All-Madera Tribune Girls Volleyball Team

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Madera’s Isabella Saucedo dominated play so much she was named the County/Metro Athletic Conference Most Valuable Player. She was also named The Madera Tribune’s Girls Volleyball Most Valuable Player for the third year in a row.


Most Valuable Player

Isabella Saucedo, OH Sr. Madera

For the third straight season, Saucedo is The Madera Tribune’s Most Valuable Player. She joins former Fresno State standout Brielle Hefner as the only three-time girls volleyball Most Valuable Player and softball’s Mariah Davis and Aaliyah Cuevas as Madera Tribune three-time Most Valuable Player. There is no doubt that the Southern Utah University was the best in Madera. Just as the County/Metro Athletic Conference. She was voted the league’s Most Valuable Player. That ovation in the background are the CMAC coaches applauding Saucedo for graduating from Madera High School so they won’t have to face her again. She goes down as one of the greats in Coyote volleyball history while leading Madera to three straight CMAC titles.

The Team

Jade Davie, Opp. Sr. Madera

Every Batman needs a Robin and Madera had two of them. Davie was one of those players head coach Meghan Haas could turn tp if teams were concentrating too much on Saucedo. Davie also stepped up on the defensive side, as well as behind the service line. She was one of those players that did every aspect of the game well. She was a first-team All-CMAC selection.

Brianna Guerrero, OH Sr. Madera

The other Robin to Bella’s Batman, Guerrero lined up on the other side of Saucedo and took advantage of the solo blocks she would get. She got the sets when Bella was in the back row or if she needed a rest. However, despite being the second option, she was a pretty good second option. She is a two-time All-Tribune selection.

Emma Richardson, Set. Jr. Madera

Although in her first year starting on varsity, she had plenty of weapons at her disposal. She could go to the All-Everything Saucedo or, if she drew too much attention, had Davie and Guerrero as options. Richardson’s confidence grew as the season went on and the best place you could tell was in her serving. It got better and better and bigger things are expected out of her senior season.

Veronica Ramirez, OH Jr. Madera South

Although sometimes taking a back seat to the seniors, Ramirez was the constant for head coach Travis McEowen. You could pencil in Ramirez for double-digit kills and digs while also helping out on the blocking. She was an integral piece to the growth of the Stallions. With her, fellow junior Jackie Guglielmana and freshman Danae Prudente, McEowen has a solid foundation for the upcoming season. She was a first team All-CMAC selection.

Arelis Chavez, MB Sr. Madera South

The other ovation you hear in the background are of the CMAC coaches applauding that Chavez graduated. She was an imposing force in the middle of the Stallions’ side of the net. She pounded the ball and got better and better each year. She also took the blocking load and provided solid defense. She was a double-duty player by playing basketball at the same time. She earned second team all-CMAC honors and is a three-time All-Tribune selection to go with her three All-Tribune basketball selections.

Jackie Guglielmana, Set. Jr. Madera South

With the Guglielmana name, it is almost assumed two things — they will be good at volleyball and be smart. Guglielmana is both of those and then some. She rarely had an off-play and spread out the offense well so teams could not concentrate on Ramirez or Chavez. She was integral to the defense, but she also had a deadly tip kill for points and momentum changers. She earned a CMAC honorable mention.

Jewelyana Rodriguez, MB Sr. Madera South

One of the most improved players from her junior season to her senior season, Rodriguez made the most of her last year of volleyball. In addition to singing the National Anthem before matches, she made coaches sing her praise. She was the glue that helped hold the team together. McEowen will miss her humor on the bench, but also miss her play on the court. She earned a CMAC honorable mention.

Danae Prudente, OH Fr. Madera south

Just a freshman, Prudente opened eyes with her play. With Madera South’s veteran line-up, the first-year player played her way to not only play significant time, but start for the Stallions. She helps highlight a stellar returning group for the Stallions and will be a force for the next three years. She was a second team All-CMAC selection.

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Editor’s Note: The Madera Tribune did not watch any Liberty girls volleyball matches, therefore cannot make an assessment of their players. Classes are what they were when the season was played.



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