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Gym studios replant trees in forest

For The Madera Tribune Madera South High School staff hold a banner to announce their drive to help replant the Sierra National Forest with a sapling drive.


TEC Gymnastics, in coordination with Madera South High School, is conducting a sapling drive. Donors can “purchase” a sapling to be re-planted into the Sierra National Forest, where the Creek Fire has done the most damage.

In addition, All About Dance and Gymnastics, in partnership with The Madera Tribune, will host the Keto Korner food truck and Cher Bear’s Shave Ice trailer on October 12, with proceeds going towards the American Red Cross Creek Fire relief fund.

TEC and Madera South

TEC and Madera South are trying to “Replant the Sierras” with a sapling drive.

Organizer and TEC owner Tammi Britton is trying to raise $10,000 to help replant the Sierra Nevada National Forest Service.

“My goal is to raise $10,000,” she said. “The Sierra forest buys the saplings. It took me two weeks to get a hold of someone to do this. I wanted to start this a few weeks ago.”

Donors can purchase saplings through Britton by email ( She will type a laminated card displaying the names of your family and friends on the fence at Madera South with a banner.

Donors also may donate in the memory of, or in the honor of a loved one.

All families and businesses donating $250 or more will receive a personal banner of recognition on the Madera South fence.

There are ways to donate: Paypal- MSHS Boosters, Venmo-@TEC-Gymnastics, by check payable to MSHS boosters or cash. Donations can be sent to MSHS-Trees at 705 W. Pecan Ave.

“When we’re done, we’re going to go up and plant some saplings ourselves,” Britton said. “In the late winter or early spring, our athletes from Madera South and TEC Gymnastics will go up and spread out wildflowers.”

For information, contact Britton by email.

AADG and The Madera Tribune

The Keto Korner food truck and Cher Bear’s Shaved Ice trailer will be invading the All About Dance and Gymnastics and Madera Tribune parking lot on Oct. 12 from 4-8 p.m.

Proceeds from the dinner and dessert will be donated to the American Red Cross to help victims of the Creek Fire.

Keto Korner announced they will be featuring their Goliath burger (cheeseburger with smoked brisket, tri-tip, bacon and cheese sauce), quesadilla burger (quesadilla cheeseburger with aside, bacon, avocado salsa and salsa verde) and brisket bacon sandwich (smoked brisket, bacon, avocado salsa, cheese sauce, salsa verde on a keto sub roll).

Cher Bear’s Shaved Ice will feature many different flavors in two sizes.

For information, contact The Madera Tribune at 674-2424.

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