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Letter: City girl meets feed store staff

It was straight out of BIG CITY L.A. in 1978 that we arrived in Small Town Madera with two horses in tow. Besides finding residence for the human members of our family, we needed assistance for an equine domicile and all that goes with it.

Upon the recommendation of our new dentist, Dr. T.R. Gustaveson, who volunteered to temporarily pasture our two horses, I was advised to visit Dale Evans and Evans Feed.

It was a cool, crisp (actually cold) spring morning this city girl ventured into what appeared to be a “piece from the past,” better known as Evans Feed Store for the first time. I was greeted with a hot cup of coffee and a warm fireside chat. I was impressed with the warm welcome and “horse sense” that Dale offered ... linking me up with horse fanciers, ag events, veterinary services, and of course, an invitation for a return visit and a game of checkers.

As Madera has grown and more ag-related businesses have come about, I will never forget Dale, Roger, and the Evans Feed Staff for not only treating me like a friend, but for their love of Madera and all of the critters therein. I will always return to Evans Feed for advice and my animal needs.

Now ... as we prepare to say “Good Bye” to Dale, I expect to play my recordings of the Sons of the San Joaquin many times over.

Sincerely and respectfully,

— Bonnie Mazzoni,


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