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Central Section announces latest notices

I hope that you are your families are physically and mentally healthy.

Here is the latest information regarding the 2020-2021 sports calendar and related topics.

For the past several months section commissioners and state office leadership have been working on several different scenarios and contingency plans for the 2020-2021 sport calendar. Obviously, the situation we have all been in has been constantly changing and therefore these plans have also changed as the weeks and months have passed.

As a new commissioner I have a debt of gratitude to the other section commissioners and state office staff that have been working on this long before I transitioned into this position. This process has resulted in the plan that is being released today. I want to thank section staff and executive committee members for their thoughtful input.

From today forward, I hope we focus on the opportunities that this plan provides for our student- athletes. The upcoming school year will test the resolve, adaptability and determination of all involved. At the end of this process this is the plan that provides the most opportunities for the most student- athletes.

Why are there only two seasons (instead of 3 shortened seasons)?

After much consideration the decision was made to change from the traditional three season format to a two-season format. It became clear that trying to condense three seasons into six months did not provide as many opportunities as the two-season model. The overlap between the seasons in a three- season model would have been very challenging for three sport athletes while also dramatically shortening the seasons for those students that only play one or two sports.

Do we have to eliminate any contacts?

A positive aspect of the two-season model is that even though the season may be a little shorter than a traditional season it still allows schools to schedule and play as many contacts as they choose to within the framework that Bylaw 1206 provides.

Are section championships being eliminated or shortened?

This schedule also allows for normal section championship experiences and opportunities in all sports. The only exception is that football playoff brackets will be 8 team brackets as this allows schools to maintain an 11-week regular season to play 10 contests. We will be working on a plan for football playoffs that will not eliminate any teams from the playoffs and will add divisions if necessary.

What about regional and state championships?

The state office has made the decision to streamline all regional and section championships into a one week time period. More information will available from the state office in the months ahead.

The 2020-2021 school year is sure to be one that we will remember for years to come. Please join me in doing everything possible so that we can remember this year for the challenges that we have overcome together.

— Ryan Tos,

CIF Central Section Commissioner


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