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No COVID cases reported among inmates

Since June 28, Madera Department of Corrections has had two correctional officers and one civilian staff member test positive for COVID-19. To date, we have not had any inmates test positive for COVID-19. Due to the three staff members testing positive, the department made the difficult decision to lock down the facility on July 2 for 10 days.

This lockdown was necessary to assess the situation accurately and protect our inmate population and staff to prevent a possible COVID-19 outbreak. Our County Web Page was, and is currently updated. During the 10-day lockdown, no additional staff or inmates tested positive. The facility came off lockdown on July 13.

We have remained dedicated to protecting our inmates, staff, as well as the public. All inmates and staff have been issued face masks; protocols have been implemented for social distancing and hygiene. Personal Protective Equipment is utilized, and our facility is cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day and additional safety protocols are in place for both our inmate population and jail staff.

We will continue to be transparent with the public and take the necessary measures to protect our community, inmate population, and jail staff.

— Manuel Perez,

Director of Corrections

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