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MCSB president quits after protests

For The Madera Tribune

Sara Wilkins.


Veteran Madera County School Board member, Sara Wilkins, resigned her position Thursday after a howl of protests erupted on social media over a message she allegedly posted on Facebook.

Against a picture of the Confederate battle flag, the post reads, “I’m proud to be white. I bet no one passes this on because they are scared of being called a racist.”

Following the backlash over the controversial post, Wilkins tendered her resignation from the MCSB. She had represented the mountain area on the board since 1989. She was elected to her current four-year term in 2018. Wilkins was president of the board when she resigned.

Insiders recognized Wilkins as an influential board member, having been elected president by her colleagues numerous times.

In resigning her position, Wilkins made the following statement: “After 47 years of service to the children of my community, I have decided to retire and resign my position on the Madera County Board of Education.”

Madera County Superintendent of Schools, Cecilia Massetti, Ed.D., was reported to have made the following statement: “I cannot speak for Mrs. Wilkins. These comments do not reflect the views of the Madera County Board of Education or the Madera County Superintendent of Schools.”

Wilkins’ replacement can be named by the remaining six members of the Madera County Board of Education.


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